Organization Tip: Sub-pages

Alright, this is an organizational tactic that I accidentally figured out how to do, and I absolutely love it. They’re sub-pages, and they make any website look a bit cooler and more professional.

By this point, I’m sure you’re saying, “Alright Brian, how do I create these magical subpages you speak of? What sorcery have you discovered?”
Or you already know how to do this and would like me to shut up.
I’m going to assume you’re curious, and I’ll tell you right now that it’s superbly easy.

1) First off, make sure you have at least one extra page. For the sake of an easier explanation we’ll call our page “Tacos.”
2) Go to your Dashboard and select “Pages”
3) Select “Add New Page”
4) On the right side of the page, underneath the ‘Publish Box’ there’s a box that says “Page Attributes.”
5) There is a scroll-down option that says “Parent.” At the moment is should say “No Parent.”
6) Open the “Parent” menu, and you can now make “Tacos” the parent.
7) Now you just write about whatever you want the new page to be about in the text box as you normally would. Naturally, it should be related, so since “Tacos” is the parent, your subpage should be a variety of taco.
8) Publish your new page and be proud of yourself. Go to your page tabs at the top of your actual website, hover your mouse over the top and you should get a little drop-down menu. If you didn’t then you can try again or just go to the wordpress support site.


So, I’ve been experimenting with themes and I noticed that a very large number of them actually don’t support sub-pages. The default wordpress pages such as Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven and Quintus do. If you’ve tried creating subpages but they aren’t working right, it may mean that your theme doesn’t support them. You can still create sub-pages, but you’ll have to place links to them in the parent-pages.
Sorry about that.


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