Somehow I have managed to accumulate a decent number of daily visitors, and I am going to pretend that means someone is genuinely interested in what I am doing on here. That means I should start talking about updates, right?

First off, I am taking something called “Maymester” at my University. Essentially it is an entire 16 week semester crushed down into a 3 week format. Unfortunately, that means I am going to be busy until the end of May. Too busy to post things on here with much frequency, at any rate.

However, the Author’s Note for my webcomic has been fixed. It was suffering from formatting issues and someone was nice enough to notify me via email.

And future content can be expected over the summer. One is an article talking about how the current Formula 1 Season may be amongst the greatest of all time and the other is a new webcomic. I’ve got some ideas, and it will be connected to Drawings in some way. The art quality and story will be of a higher standard, that much I do promise.
I’m also planning to fix the errors in Drawings and repost it with a PDF option for easier viewing. I tried using the WordPress gallery feature, and the images were much to small, so that isn’t an option unless I can find a way to change the size.

That is the situation at the moment, and I hope to hear from you guys soon.



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