Update: Finally Some New Material

Two parts to this update.

First: New copy writing material. A screenplay with a story board gallery may be found under the Copywriting section. See “Alfa Romeo 4C: History Matters”. If the page is down, it means I’m uploading an industry standard script in place of the screenplay.

A second (and I would argue better) script has been posted too. See “Alfa Romeo 4C: Beautiful Revenge” if you have the time. Story boards will be accompanying that one once they’re done.

Why is a writer making story boards, you ask? Because I enjoy drawing, and it helps me confirm that my scripts fit into a 30 second limit.

Second: Those who follow F1 or Indy Car have likely heard that Simona de Silvestro will be sitting out Indy Car this year, having been signed by the Sauber Formula 1 team as a test driver with the potential to be signed to drive in 2015. That would make her the first woman in over 20 years to have a racing seat in the highest category of motorsport.
Some are delighted by the news, some are asking is if she even deserves that much. Most opinion pieces I’ve read are blatantly biased or interested in the political aspect. I actually took the time to research the lady and take the human aspect into consideration.
The posting is now available to view. If you’re looking at this then, well, you scrolled right by it.



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