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Hello, and thanks for swinging by. This is Brainton, from the same brain of Brian that brought you the essentially defunct Brainshire. While boasting many of the same articles and all of the art seen on Brainshire, this site is an acting portfolio of my various works – the good ones.

About the site name: “Brain” is a nickname that first came about in high school when the yearbook featured said word as a misspelling of my name. Incorporating “Brain” in the site name is a tip of my hat (not that I ever wear hats) to the very friends who called me such.

About me: I graduated from University of Colorado at Denver in Spring 2013 with honors and distinction, but in spite of that, I’m rather humble. When someone with vast experience imparts wisdom, I take it to heart. When even a small opportunity arises, I chase it. I’ve been commissioned for a few small art projects, signed one major contract, and scrapped for pennies with other aspiring writers on eLance. All told, my resume is hardly bigger than my shoe size. My best paying steady job so far has been as a deli-clerk.
Struggling is what galvanized my grit and humility, hunger is what keeps me pushing for more in life.

As a writer, I’m very flexible and can write in any tone, but my natural writing style is what has always drawn the most praise: beautiful cadence, no fluff, diverse grammar and a conversational tone to keep readers engaged are the hallmarks of my style. I study the subject and the audience before writing, and spend hours thinking of how best to appeal a narrow subject to a wide group. Even if the subject isn’t one that will finds its way to the top of my interest list, finding a way to make it interesting will.

As a creative type, my ideas range from some of the most wild and unpredictable fiction you will ever encounter to simply being clever with basic ideas. I can’t prove these claims in an “about” tab, so you’ll have to look around the website if you want to see the evidence.

If you would like to get in touch, please leave a comment below and we can sort out a way to exchange information without letting bots get a hold of it.
This is a temporary measure until a better solution can be found. Please bear with me.

Be seeing you.

-Brian Forth


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