Grant Proposal to CCDHH

This is the dragon I slew in my final quest. The last beast before graduating. This a grant proposal. Real company, real people, real life scenario–my first taste of the professional world.This version is heavily edited to remove sensitive information and I also took the liberty of tossing a fun item into it. What? You’ll know when you see it. Why? Because a good sense of humor is essential to surviving difficult jobs.
I can provide two references, a professor and a person from the company, if you want confirmation that this involved the real world.

I was working on this long before the company was actually ready to begin developing plans, so the entirety of the plan is stuff I came up with based on the scraps of information I could find and some good ol’ fashioned common sense.
The design is also my own as well: the colors and the layout. Topic paragraphs are single column and the body paragraphs are split in two to make the proposal less boring to read.

Grant Proposal to CCDHH


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