Apologies for extended absence

Hello everyone. I would just like to let it be known that, in spite of having gone a couple of months without a post, I am still quite alive. So I do apologise for not having given notice of my absence too, as I had seen it coming.

I have just gotten though a period of transition: a new job and a new home. As such, free time has been a scarce commodity, and internet access has been more scarce still. I should be hooked back up to the internet tomorrow though, and that will give me the ability to give you one more thing to read once again.

You can look forward to a team-by-team and driver-by-driver breakdown of the 2014 F1 season so more, and a few opinion pieces about the ongoing political and technical rows within the sport as well. There may even be a retro-gaming feature coming about for throw-back Thursdays.

Why the opinionated stuff? Because Sky and BBC cover the basic facts well enough. Why the games? Because writing strictly about Formula 1 can get a little dull.

Until then, here’s a picture of Bernie Ecclestone’s head on Godzilla’s body.



F1 2014: All eyes on Red Bull

(It’s much later than it was meant to be, but neglecting to make an untimely assessment would be worse than actually doing it. Right? Sorry. At any rate, there will be some more timely material coming at the end of this weekend.)

Ten years ago, a fizzy drink company took over the Jaguar F1 squad and the resultant creation was instantly labelled as a wealthy man’s flight of fancy: a hobby team. The last four seasons have proven quite the contrary, as the Milton Keynes-based team has taken both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, sometimes with unflinching dominance.
With the team’s dominance hitting a rarely seen level last season, fans of rival teams began to beg and pray for the new regulations to break the form of the team. It would seem their wishes have been granted, as Red Bull has started the year on the wrong hoof.
The evident condition of the team went from blatantly terrible in preseason testing to half-respectable in Australia—until a disqualification put any measure of their progress in question.
With high expectations, a massive gap to Mercedes and controversy swirling about the incumbent champions, their performance at Malaysia promises to be a talking point. Continue reading

F1 2014 Preview: Ferrari’s two champions

Since 2010, Ferrari had employed a strict one-rooster policy: one dominant driver and a strong number two. An idea that was also seen during the Schumacher era, this policy functions as a strategic model to boost the odds of the first driver’s championship odds. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out too well during any of those years.

The second driver of those years was Felipe Massa, who, prior to crashing, had been treated as an equal by Kimi Raikkonen. When Fernando Alonso joined the team, he brought with him the expectation that he would be given first driver status and was granted it. Obviously, this broke Massa’s will to put in his best performances, making him less useful as a strategic piece than Rubens Barrichello had been for Schumacher. As such, the team has been unable to claim a championship in either category for six years.

Last year, a falling out between Alonso and the team saw him lose that favour, and the one-rooster policy has evaporated. Continue reading

Update: 4C Digital Content (and more stuff)

New Digital Content for the ongoing Alfa Romeo 4C hypothetical work can be found under the “Content Writing” tab.

More additions shall be added over the coming days, so check back frequently to see. There are a total of 15 pages that need to be redone, and I’m targeting 3-5 a day.

A final script is also due soon… Though when I say final, that depends one whether or not I think of something else I want to do. We’ll see.

More blog postings will be coming up too! Just in time for the Australian GP (March 14, 15, 16) I’ll be taking another crack at trying to evaluate this year’s grid. Last year I was as wrong about Hamilton making the wrong decision by going to Mercedes as Neville Chamberlain was when he thought giving Hitler the Sudetenland had prevented World War II. Fortunately, no war resulted from the bad prediction

Thanks for staying with me, ye faithful few.

Quick Update: New Copy Content Coming

The Alfa Romeo 4C has been the feature of a few scripts I wrote (viewable under the “Copywriting” tab–one still to come). It will continue to be my current copywriting subject as I move onto the next stage of the hypothetical campaign: digital content.

Already the car has a website dedicated to it. At 4c.alfaromeo.com you can find a 360 degree viewer, an interactive video and plenty of informative writing–all provided by WEDOO.

It’s the written content that I think can be improved on (and that I’m qualified to work with), so I’ll be coming up with my own stuff.

If you’re interested in seeing the differences then check back on Saturday.

Simona de Silvestro: A new chapter for women in motorsport

Giovanna Amati was the last woman to sit in a Formula 1 car as a race driver with 22 years passing since her short career. Since then women have been confined to development driver roles, Susie Wolff being the only active woman in the paddock.

Needless to say, F1 has had the distinct feel of a boys club since it was founded in the 1950s. Some argue (perhaps in ignorance of Desire Wilson’s several British Formula 1 victories) that women simply aren’t capable of mixing it with men. I respectfully disagree.

Talent is not exclusive to any one gender, nor should be the opportunity to prove talent. Sauber’s recent announcement to sign 25 year old Simona De Silvestro as an “affiliated driver” is a sign that there are people in high places who agree, especially as the signing carries the option to promote her to a race seat in 2015.

De Silvestro has been signed as one of three Sauber test drivers, and may be the one to watch closest.

De Silvestro has been signed as one of three Sauber test drivers (and may be the one to watch closest).

Continue reading

Update: Finally Some New Material

Two parts to this update.

First: New copy writing material. A screenplay with a story board gallery may be found under the Copywriting section. See “Alfa Romeo 4C: History Matters”. If the page is down, it means I’m uploading an industry standard script in place of the screenplay.

A second (and I would argue better) script has been posted too. See “Alfa Romeo 4C: Beautiful Revenge” if you have the time. Story boards will be accompanying that one once they’re done.

Why is a writer making story boards, you ask? Because I enjoy drawing, and it helps me confirm that my scripts fit into a 30 second limit.

Second: Those who follow F1 or Indy Car have likely heard that Simona de Silvestro will be sitting out Indy Car this year, having been signed by the Sauber Formula 1 team as a test driver with the potential to be signed to drive in 2015. That would make her the first woman in over 20 years to have a racing seat in the highest category of motorsport.
Some are delighted by the news, some are asking is if she even deserves that much. Most opinion pieces I’ve read are blatantly biased or interested in the political aspect. I actually took the time to research the lady and take the human aspect into consideration.
The posting is now available to view. If you’re looking at this then, well, you scrolled right by it.