Content Writing

This is the category for your magazine and online style articles. Features on subjects (such as cars and films), interviews, short articles and even the odd critique (not all of which are negative) can be found here. It’s all about showcasing composition, critical thought, research and argumentative skills – the cornerstones of a good writer.

This is possibly the most common form of writing to be found since everyone learned about blogs and found out that it’s pretty easy to come up with mundane opinions based on what they just read in the New York Times. You’ll not find extremely common material in these pages, I assure you. If it is common, such as the NSX article, then I only posted it because I managed to beat a number of major publications to punch.

To view files, hover your mouse over the “Content Writing” tab until the menu drops down. Once the menu is visible, drag your mouse down to the article you wish to view.


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