Alfa Romeo 4C Features: Technology 1

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Site Original

alfa technology 1 original

My Version

alfa technology 1 changed

What’s different

It’s relevant now. The original headline sounded rather silly and didn’t have anything to do with carbon fiber. It’s not a celebration of anything. It’s an extremely strong and light material utilized in Formula 1 and super cars.

Following the Formula 1 theme, a practical application of ethos is present. Why? It’s the most popular form of motorsport and one of the most popular sports in the world with an audience over 20 times larger than the Super Bowl. You want to make a car look good? Super cars work, but Formula 1 is better. That’s where super cars get their technology from, so it’s better.

Other than that, the overall tone and delivery of information is better by sticking to a clear message, improving flow, and cutting pointless information.

Abandoning the small, grey font was needed too. Grey text on a grey background doesn’t pop very well.


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