Alfa Romeo Entry Page

Note: To view larger versions of the images, simply click them and magnify. Click “Back” on your browser to exit full screen view. Explanation on changes can be found beneath images.


Original Alfa Romeo 4C Entry Page.

Original Alfa Romeo 4C Entry Page.


Changed Alfa Entry Page

Changed Alfa Entry Page

To improve the text, there is now a brief explanation of what exactly the videoconfigurator [sic] does on the page. Other sites have videos that display customization, but most of them involve a 3D stationary rendering that can rotated.  Alfa’s videoconfigurator actually show what it would look like driving on the road with various options. Elaborating that it is something more than what other sites boast will encourage otherwise uninterested site patrons to view an outstanding feature.

Also changed is the explanatory clause beneath the invitational statement. The prior version felt like a hard translation with “…BY THE NEW INTERACTIVE VIDEOCONFIGURATOR” sounding rough and too wordy. Changing “BY THE” to “WITH” sounds more natural. Changing “YOUR” to “YOUR OWN” gives a slight sense of

Beneath, “SKIP AND ENTER SITE” has been replaced with a more simple “PROCEED TO SITE”. The text color was changed from red to white and the font size was increased to make it more visible. Returning visitors might not want to see the video again, so making it easy to bypass the feature makes sense. Likewise, all of the text has been changed to have greater spacing between words, again to improve visibility.

Small stuff, but first impressions matter. By getting rid of the shouty exclamation point, boosting visibility and sharpening the text a little, the entry page is now that much slicker.


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