This is a small collection of four stencil paintings on old Barbara Striesand records (a good use, I’d say). The stencils are based off of characters from the film Troll 2, with the exception of the one consisting of the two humanoid owls. That’s just kind of my thing.
These were created in Autumn of 2011, and have been patiently waiting to get cleaned up.
The grooves in the records allowed small amounts of paint to run underneath the stencil, creating a slightly blurred appearance.

Troll Record 1

Cleaned up version will come eventually.

The Second Troll Image

This one also needs clean-up

A Group of Angry Trolls in Black and White, no grayscale.

Lots of trolls! Clean up still needed.

An owl in a suit and his lady-owl look stage right. In black and white.

My signature in many of my drawings; the owls.

And these are they! There is more to come, and hopefully the future reposts of these will be higher quality.


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