F1 2014 Preview: Marussia’s chance for a breakthrough

With the Australian Grand Prix only one week away, the 2014 Formula 1 championship has piqued the interest from fans around the world. A new turbo V6 engine with hybrid power and a strict fuel limit seeks to increase relevance to car manufacturing and decrease the sport’s environmental impact. Reliability issues have visited all teams with Renault-powered teams seemingly in a bad way. That alone promises a shake-up to the grid and offers the small teams a chance to make some ground.

One of two surviving “new” teams to debut in 2010, Marussia (formerly Virgin) has become the face of the backfield in recent years. A strong first race in 2013 saw Marussia finally beat fellow back-markers Caterham to top 10 honors. Like Caterham, they have yet to score a single championship point. Having upgraded to a Ferrari power unit and with reliability blighting the Renault-powered cars, they may finally be in a position to change that. Continue reading