Alfa Romeo 4C Features: Efficiency 2

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alfa efficiency 2 original

My Version

alfa efficiency 2 changed

What’s Different?

As usual, my version is less wordy and follows the Gordon Ramsay principle of “simple but delicious”. Writing can be tasty, you know.

One of the bigger changes affected was the headline. All told, I like it. It almost works like an unexpected announcement–tiny engines rarely produce amazing such astonishing figures. What I did was make it a bit more consistent in theme and make the language a little more common. “Displacement” was displaced (hehe) with “Engine”. Making the adjectives more similar, I bumped “great” for “big”.

Torque figures were converted from metric to standard for an American audience, and 100km/h was swapped out for 60mph (though it should actually be 62mph). The torque is available quite instantly, so stating that it was there from the get-go makes more sense than bogging people down with extra numbers.

Performance numbers are rolled into a more convenient package alongside the every day drivability factor. Plated and garnished with a compliment to the car’s flexibility.


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