Alfa Romeo 4C Features : Technology 2

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alfa technology 2

My Version

alfa technology 2 changed

What’s Different

First off, I couldn’t resist playing on words for the headline. The opportunity was there and I took it. Sorry.

Like a few other pages, this one strives for a little extra worth in leaving some cool little nuggets of information. First off, the car doesn’t use pure aluminum: on its own, it simply isn’t strong enough. It does use alloys. Which alloys? Likely ones that involve magnesium and possibly steel. I don’t know for sure. But it’s stiff and light (good for handling), and strong (good for safety). Ignoring the many benefits of the material is underselling it.

The mention of the crankcase was removed because that’s starting to dip into information that can be covered by more technical mediums, and many people don’t know what a crankcase is. (It’s where the crankshaft goes in case you’re wondering.)

“Aluminium” has been replaced by the Americanized “Aluminum” too.


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