Tasty Tonberry

This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve done ever. The layout is a little generic, and I got the idea after seeing a few similar to this one on Deviant Art (don’t ask me which, I can’t remember. If you created one of the originals, e-mail me a link and I’ll post it.) But the reason why I’m so proud of this, even though there are some look-alikes,  is because of what it’s made out of.

First off, it is hand-drawn, just like everything else I do. No pads or CGI here. The drawing is done with pencil, and the shadows are graphite powder. But the coloring was done with a number of spices and foodstuffs including cocoa-powder, curry, cinnamon, basil and sage, just to name a few. Unfortunately, it was finished early in Fall of 2011 and was also covered in fixative so it doesn’t smell as spectacular as one might expect.

Tasty Tonberry, drawn with foodstuffs.

The mediums for this drawing are graphite, graphite powder, cocoa powder, cinnamon, sage, curry and more.



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