Alfa Romeo 4C: Beautiful Revenge

I came up with this in response to a professional copywriter showing little interest in an Enzo Ferrari quote I was planning to use in another project. While anyone with a little bit of petrol in their blood views Ferrari in high esteem, not everyone is that big into cars. His response to the quote showed me that such an approach had two flaws:

1. It wasn’t the most original of ideas (even if it’s Ferrari, he was right).

2. It had a limited audience.

So I came up with an idea that won’t be so limited. Not compared to the Enzo quote nor to the “History” script.
Special thanks go to birds, who, as a Clade, recently celebrated their fifth poop on my person. Extra special thanks to Greg Wheeler for pushing me to do something different.

Alfa Romeo 4C Script: Spec C


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